Top 5 Best 4 ton aluminum floor jack to buy in 2018


A floor jack is one of the essential tools for car maintenance. As a vehicle owner is very important to understand the ideal jack for your vehicle. The right floor jack should be able to handle the weight of your vehicle. There is a number of things to consider when purchasing a floor jack. For instance, if you are going to deal with heavy vehicles or use the floor jack for deeper inspection for an extended period, then you should consider purchasing a heavier duty floor jack. 4-ton aluminum jack is ideal for heavy vehicles inspection!

With a wide range of 4-ton aluminum jack in the market, it becomes a hassle to select the perfect one for your home or professional garage. Choosing the right floor jack is not an easy task. Fortunately, I have come up with a list of the top 5 4-ton aluminum jack. .

1. Craftsman 4 ton aluminum floor jack:

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The jack is ideal for both low profile and high lift cars. If you have an SUV, this jack will be suitable for you. If you are operating a high chassis car, this jack is suitable for you as it comes with a lift height range of 4 to 20 inches. The jack pivot offers a 360 rotation. The jack features an overload valve for safety reasons and running the operation smoothly. The valve also helps to prevent system failure. The jack offers a capacity of up to 4 tones.

It is one of the best floor jacks for trucks. The jack is lightweight, thus you will have an easy time carrying it wherever you go, especially if you are purchasing for personalized use.

2. Pittsburgh 4-ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack:

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Pittsburgh is well known for producing sturdy jacks. Pittsburgh 4-ton features a sturdy construction with a high-quality finish. The jack is suitable for automotive enthusiasts, professional mechanics, and home garage. The jack features universal joint release, which helps to control the load. It also comes with extra-wide steel casters, which provides the stability needed. The load capacity of 4-ton can support a wide range of vehicles.

3. Milestone Tools Powerzone 380044 – 3 Ton

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The jack comes with a 3-ton capacity. It also offers a lifting range of 4 to 18-1/4inch. The lift arm is made of steel, making it not only durable but sturdy too. Another great feature is the quick lifting hydraulic system, which helps in time-saving. With the quick lifting mechanism, you can spend less time lifting the load, and more time fixing the problem. Other key features include rubber padded saddle and safety valve.

4. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity

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Thanks to the heavy-duty construction, this jack can support up to 3 tonnes. The jack weighs 56lbs, thus you can move it very easily. The jack features reinforced lift arm, which offers extra rigidity and long life!

Arcan are popular for producing aluminum floor jacks. Arcan ALJ3T is one of their top-selling models. It is a suitable option for both home and professional garages. With the sturdy construction, long life is a guarantee. The 3-ton load capacity doesn’t disappoint as it can suit most vehicles out here.

5. Blackhawk B6350 3.5-Ton

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Blackhawk features bypass device, built-in internal valve, swivel saddle, rear caster, rolled side frames among other features. Some of the reasons you should pick it, especially if you have lift about 3.5 tones load. It is one of the best aluminum jacks. In fact, most people looking for aluminum jack settles for it. The first thing that will grab you attention is its’ vibrant color. The vibrant red or black color makes the jack look more professional. It is a suitable jack for professional garage, especially where one has to handle high load capacity.

Final Verdict:

One of the reasons people prefer aluminum jacks is their durability in nature. Aluminum jack won’t corrode, rust or fade like its’ competitors. With a wide range of aluminum jacks in the market coming up with the list wasn’t easy. There are things I had to consider like load capacity, key features, and budget. Nevertheless, the list above outlines the top best 5 to 4-ton aluminum jacks in the market today: you just have to select your favorite.


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