Top 5 Best Floor Jack for Lowered Car 2018


Nowadays car repair is a common maintenance practice. Although most car repairs need the hand of a professional mechanic, having the ability to carry out simple repairs can come in handy in time of need. Having the right tools for car repair is very crucial. Floor jack is one of the tools a home or professional garage should have.

There is a wide range of Floor Jacks in the market today and choosing the right one can be hectic. There are budget floor jacks, smaller car jacks, low profile jacks, aluminum jacks, high-lift jacks, heavy-duty jacks, 2-ton, and 3-ton jacks. By the time you get to view all of them, you will be overwhelmed. Today, we are going to discuss the top best floor jack for lowered car to make the search easy for you.

1. Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack:

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Pro-Lift F-767 is the best budget floor jack for lowered car! It offers 2-ton lifting capacity. This lower-profile design floor jack features a steel construction. Although the jack can work fine on large vehicles, it is ideal for small or medium cars and trucks. The jack is a perfect inexpensive option for an occasional oil change and changing or rotation of tires.

The jack weighs 30lbs, making it a perfect choice for condo, apartments and smaller garage! The jack features bypass valve and easy lift handle.

2. JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Floor Jack

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If you are in need of a quality 2-ton floor jack for lowered cars, this jack makes a great option. However, it is a bit pricey than its’ competitors. Features a sturdy built! This sleek looking jack weighs 49lbs. It can handle the tough task and it is a bit portable if you need to move it.

The jack is constructed with corrosion resistant aluminum, making it durable. The jack features a two-piece handle with foam grip-paddle protection. The jack is ideal for the professional auto shop and home garage.

3. Arcan XL20 Black Steel Service Jack

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The jack weighs 67lbs, making it less portable. The best place for such a jack is a large professional or home garage. It is made of steel! Not only is the jack strong, but durable too. If portability is not an issue, then I would recommend this jack for your garage as it can lift around 3-tons. Although it is a bit pricey, the jack is perfect for lifting heavy as well lighter objects. With this, you can lift your lowered car, truck and heavy vehicle too.

4. PITTSBURGH Automotive Heavy Duty 3-Ton Floor Jack

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If you are looking for the best value floor jack for a lowered car, this jack won’t disappoint. The jack comes with key hydraulic floor jack features. The jack can lift lowered cars as well as large trucks. It is one of the best low profile jacks in the market. The jack comes with extra-wide front wheels, pump dual piston, lifting paddle pad, among other key features.

It is a very durable design; thanks to the steel construction. With the extra-wide front steel wheels, you can expect stability and strength. The wheels also help to spread the load.

5. NOS NSJO201 2-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

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Currently is the best aluminum floor jack. If you are looking for aluminum floor jack for lowered car, then I would recommend this one. The jack comes with remarkable features such as convenient side handles, two-piece pump handle, dual piston rapid pump, thick aluminum body design.

The jack is durable, strong and stable, thanks to the aluminum body design. Even the wheels are made of aluminum. The jack weighs 47lbs! The underside of the vehicle is protected from scratches by the rubber protected saddle pad.



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